Hi there again :P

So im going to continue with the playing by ear thing, and I dont want to bother people and have them think im asking for advice instead of working at it, which is what im doing. But! I did want to ask you guys for a quick favor if its not too much trouble for you.

I read something the other day in my previous post, about hearing open strings in recordings, and how this can make transcription a bit easier/quicker. I was hoping that some of you know some songs that use alot of open strings so that I can work on this because its something i have never really payed much attention. I dont even usually notice open strings ringing in common chords. You can just name the artist/title and ill look for it on youtube, but this is something I think I should get started on, because its been a year and it only occured to me today that I dont notice if there's an open EADGBE ringing.

thanks again,

Thanks for the suggestion, I actually thought of one myself that 1979 song by Smashing Pumpkinds how it has the low E string ringing throughout most of the song :P