Alright, first off all I bought a MIA Strat a couple months ago, and have yet to change the strings. It has the stock strings on it, which I'm assuming are 9's. So my first question is when I change them (I usually use 10s) will I need to do any adjustments, setup, etc. so the change in string gauge doesn't mess anything up? or should I be alright since its just a small size change?

Second question, the bridge is not hardtail, and I know there are springs attached to the bridge for the whammy that you can reach underneath. Is there an advantage to having the entire 5 or 6 springs in the back instead of the 3 that it comes with stock?

Thanks for any help guys!
You might need to adjust the tension on the bridge, and possibly the truss rod, as your neck will most likely bend a bit, it is not a rocket science, the extra springs are there, if you for instance wanted to play in standard tuning with '13 strings, with 3 springs the bridge would just bend outwards, even if you tightened the springs to the maximum.
Also, with more springs, the bridge will be a lot stiffer.
Hope that makes any sense.
Put on the new strings and see how she plays. Yes, you may have to tweek a few things. Here is a link to Fender's website describing how to do a basic setup on a strat.... string action, relief (truss rod), setting the trem.... the basics are all there. This is stuff every guitar player should know. Do yourself a favor and spend a little time learning how to do it. You'll enjoy your guitar playing experience a lot more, you will save a lot of money by not having to pay someone else to do basic work, and you will avoid messing up your guitar because you started cranking away on something without knowing what you were doing.


There are tons of other websites, youtubes, etc that provide a wealth of information how to set up your guitar. Good luck to ya! And congratulations on your new strat!