I'm always a fan of DnB xD What was your inspiration for this song? I would introduce a lead cause it does get a little repetitive and I could blame the genre for that but then again for me I lose interest in repetitive music cause it doesn't grasp my attention for the full duration of the song. The ooo/em got annoying but I can see it working with a lead or with a new riff if possible. The bass in the song didn't seem to move as much so I would morph it and modulate it. I know this isn't suppose to be dubstep but that would intrigue me. Please take whatever I say with a grain of salt. I'm honest with my opinions and I wont beat around the bush. Overall the mix sounded great just need to work on the composition.

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Thanks dude and you are right. My other songs focus more on bass lines, this was just me playing with a new style. I'll go check out your stuff now.