Alright, so I've been using Ernie ball strings since early february, and they've given me nothing but headaches. They sound nice, but they have no ****ing intonation, whether I'm a half step down or in standard, in either of the gauges I've used (Regular slinky and heavy bottom skinny top), they always fall out of tune. The real problem is, it isn't even that drastic, it's more like chords sound incredibly off, and octaves are always a bit sharp, and it drives me insane no matter how many times I use a tuner. I'm thinking that it might be my aggressive right hand, but I didn't have this problem using Dean Markleys or D'addarios, so I feel that it could be the strings.
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First off, amazing Avatar. You get mad props for that.

Are they different gauges than what you normally use? Because I know that many times, you will not find the exact same gauges of strings in a pack of a different company.
I hate ernie ball strings. I used slinkies for a year or so after i had been playing for a while. They wore out within a week, just got shitty feeling and sounding, and im not chalking it up to me cause i neither smoke nor drink and there isnt any other corrosive matter coming from my glands that shouldve elicited such terrible performance.
maybe you don't know how to set them up, it might be you guitar that's not intonated buddy
i have been using them for a year now and they sound fine
@AsOneIStand: I'm used to using D'addario's in .13-.56, and dean Markleys in what I recall as standard 10 gauge.

@rokket2005: You raise a point that I never thought of, my sweat is actually pretty corrosive, as it's worn down and dulled metal hardware on my guitars in a matter of months, so maybe EB strings are more suseptible to sweat?
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An ever-morphing BOSS and MXR loaded pedalboard

"I eats more chicken any man ever seen!"
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I used to love Ernie Ball strings, but lately, they all feel plastic-like. I can't feel the individual wrapping like I can on other strings, and the G, B and e strings are almost sticky, even fresh out of the pack. I can't get them to stay in tune very well, they sound muffled, but I've never had any intonation problems
I use them, and have had problems with tuning, but I always thought it was the guitar, not the strings. I guess I haven't tried a lot of other brands.
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I'm sure I've used them but really don't remember how they performed. I always go back to XL's. I just got an EB guitar and thought I might treat it to EB strings but probably not after reading this.
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I've tried a lotta strings over the years but I've always favored slinky's. My guitars stay in tune just fine, even with heavy bending. IMO it has more to do with your guitar and how well it's set up. Ernie Ball makes good strings
I used Slinky's for the first couple years that I played electric before I switched to D'addarios. I always found that EBs would sound super bright for about a week and then drop rapidly to sounding muddy and dull. D'addarios seem to maintain a more consistent tone throughout their lifespans.

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I have .10-.56 EB's on my guitar right now. Have been on for about 2 weeks now. But, they never go out of tune that much or anything like that. That's not to say I'm fond of EB's. I've played a few brands. Ernie Ball, DR, Elixir, Daddario, Dunlop, Rotosound, and GHS. The DR's are my favorite. They have a light coating without making the string hard to grip. Which is the problem I had with Elixirs. And they stay in tune very well.
yeah check the guitar's intonation (not tuning), if you have the right screws you can adjust it for your guitar, just look it up

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Swapped em for Rotosounds a while back. Happy with my choice.
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I don't have any problems with ernie ball strings, i've been using them for years and had no problems. I recently switched to DRs, but that's just because i wanted to try something different, not because i specifically disliked anything about ernie balls.
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Hate em with a passion. They sound alright, but feel all... dry?

Yeah, EB feel dry. =/


Buy a bunch of these and post a thread about them.
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