Hey everyone! I've just posted a new cover on my YouTube channel, so I hope you guys like it!

I only spent a couple of hours creating the drums and recording the guitar on this one, so I was a little rushed because I wanted to post a new video as soon as possible. The bends are a little off, but I hope you guys still like it.

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The solo sounded great but that lead riff from the start annoyed the hell out of me.Aside from that it was cool.I never heard the song before so I can't really compare it.The bends sounded good to me maybe just slightly off at points.

Could you give this a listen?

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Just saw it, and it's pretty good. It is pretty tough, and considering that you did a really good job, albeit some of the bends being off-pitch like you said.

Keep it going \m/ . I'm gonna be regularly checking your vids out