Hey guys! Please check out my live cover of "Ocean" by John Butler. I didn't do any crazy improvisation like him, and just kept along his Max Sessions version. I have never performed in front of a large crowd, so I felt most comfortable doing it that way.

Let me know what you think!

Mate this is brilliant! You got a little flustered in the faster paced bit, some of those licks threw off your energy a bit. And it could just be the mix/phone it was recorded on, but your dynamics were a bit jumpy. But don't get me wrong, I've got nothing but respect for you for trying this, I had a go at learning it a while back but never ended up finishing it. John Butler is a better guitarist than most people give him credit for. Keep working at it dude you're not far from nailing this tune. Grab yourself a 12 string and one of those wooden stomp boxes he uses.... then grow some epic dreads! haha

check out my radiohead cover if you get a chance,
or my own music.. whichever
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Thank you very much! Yes, that is the one part of the song I am not too happy with. I had only played for 20 people at most prior to this show of 1,000. I think I got a little nervous and totally rushed the faster bit!

Will definitely check out your stuff!
This is really great man, and to pull it off in front of such a large crowd. I'd have probably choked. I absolutely love John Butler. I think he's definitely underrated. Keep it up man!
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Thanks a lot guys! Yeah unfortunately the video was only caught on an iPhone. I am just glad to have a copy of it to go back to the moment - pretty cool experience to say in the least!