So a friend of ours was supposed to create our band website. We have all the content for him (pics, music, videos etc) we purchased a domain name. He has had months to complete the website. After finally getting fed up with the lack of progress he finally publishes the site. The site look is good, but there is no content. All the text is a mess, there are places where there is just filler text from the template left on there. There is no audio, no video, the bio page only has one members bio filled in. So I keep telling him it looks awful and to get something done. I had been telling my guitarist that I have a program and can make the website myself. Although I don't know the html coding like the other guy does I am able to make a decent quality website that I can edit at anytime. So I do make the website last night, it has everything (pics, music, bios, gigs, videos) and I think it looks pretty good and the rest of my family agrees. So I send this over to my guitarist to see what he thinks. He gets back to me a few hours later telling me that mine looks like crap, and claims he is with our friend right now working on the site. At this point I am furious, he has had months to complete the site, and I have a website that is completely finished. I keep telling him that allowing our friend to continue to work on the site is a mistake. For one he is not in the band, I have no contact with him and I am usually the one who updates our facebook and whatever else. I need to have access to the site to make daily updates. This guy has proven time and again how unreliable he is, and I don't think we should be relying on him to hold the power to our site. I can admit I do think that his site looks a bit more modern, but mine is far from bad looking and I even used the same background and fonts as him. I was floored when my guitarist said he thought mine looked so bad. I don't know why my guitarist continues to try to stick up for his friend who is clearly lazy and unreliable. So I guess it comes down to this, would you rather have the friend making the website that looks a bit better, but is missing a large amount of content and have to rely on him to post updates? Or have the website that doesn't look as good, but has all the content and is accessible at any time?
It's obvious that he's putting his friend before the good of the site.

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Get access to the website your guitarist's friend created and start making edits if you're able to do so. Otherwise, ditch the website for now and have your domain linked to a Tumblr. Even though it's a social blogging site, you can customize the HTML of a theme you pick and if your fanbase consists of people between the ages of 12-25 it's even better.