ive got an epiphone acoustic electric

it has a built in mic for the pickup

when i plug in my tuner to the output of the guitar - it outputs the notes
but when i plug it into an amp = nothing comes out

i know its outputting a sound cuz you can hear the pop when you plug it in if the amps on

any ideas?
An amp makes noises when you plug into it hot, whether or not there's a viable input signal or not.

And I hate to state obvious things like, "the guitar preamp battery is dead", "you have the tuner in the preamp switched on", "the volume on the guitar is turned down", "you have a bad guitar cable", but they're all I got.

'Cause beyond that, it's all bad news. The peizo is bad, the preamp is bad, there's a broken jack or wire somewhere....

Keep in mind, tuners are very sensitive in general, and they don't need much signal to give a reading.
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ty for the response - tested the batt's they are good - the built in tuner works fine
didn't realise that about the amp

yeah blasted the volume, played with turning the tuner on and off
messed with the phase button

tried diff amps diff guitar cables

it must be a really weak signal and the plug in tuner is picking it up
There is one thing, the on board tuner will work, whether or NOT, a cable is plugged into the guitar. So that means, you could possibly have a bad output jack, or a wire broken off of it.

Without a schematic, I couldn't tell where the tuner is in relation to the signal path, and hence how much signal is really necessary to activate it. If the tuner enters the signal path near the output, it might rule out a bad preamp.

Tuners don't need much signal though. You can tell because you can still have a reading when the guitar seems silent, and you must mute the string before you can tune the next one. This effect is really a PITA with a 12 string, because you're trying to tune the exact same note, but one octave apart..
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i understand what you're saying

i plugged it into an amp that has a built in tuner on the screen of the amp

so the amp tuner reads the notes just fine - but the funny thing as you go higher in notes it has trouble reading it on the amp tuner

and of course the amp isn't getting any sound though on the normal amp output mode

the tuner would catch E A D really easily G B E not so easily and i dont think it catches high E at all unless you pluck E really hard

its not a true pickup, itsa cheapy mic pickup built into the hollow body

thx again for trying to help