I own a Les Paul knockoff, and for the past 6 months or so, I've been having problems with my input jack. Like when it's plugged in I'll hear a dead spot when I wiggle the cord around. I've resoldered the connections twice now, and when it started happening again I figured it would be the same problem, but upon inspection, they look fine. I know it's not my cables because I've switched cables and used different guitars and they work fine. Could it possibly be that the insulated wires for the connections have gone bad? Should I just play it safe and have the input jack replaced? Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

tl;dr I'm having problems with my input jack, any thoughts?
Replace it and see if that fixes it. They are pretty cheap so if thats not it then your only out maybe $2 or $3

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Just get a new one. Switchcraft jacks are like $5 on Allparts and guitarelectronics.com
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new switch.

even if you don't know how to do it yourself (pretty safe repair to learn to solder on actually...), it'll still be pretty cheap at a shop.
the contact points on the input jack might just need to be cleaned...
They might have oxidised...