I use the word "restoration" lightly, i just bought a 3 year old Gibson Explorer with a few dings, I'll post some pictures at the bottom of this thread. I'm not really sure what to do or who to go to or even if something like this is fixable but I figured I would ask. I want this guitar to look as new as possible (ie: repair the dings) and I was never one to do this kind of thing myself, so is there somewhere specific I can mail it to or do places like Guitar Center do things like this? I don't want to spend a fortune getting it fixed if possible.


Let it get beat up, it's mojo!

Or get a black sharpie. Either one.
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If it's anything like a surfboard then you could probably use a resin... I don't work on guitars but hey, it's better than the above suggestion.
I remember reading that it's possible to use super glue to fill in the gaps and then paint over them, but it's probably not quite that simple. Worth looking into though.

Also, I think it looks awesome as is, but that in no way solves your issue... so yeah... research the above!