I have a quick question (hope this is the right section). In some songs I play, slides are notated with palm muted notes, as in slide from a palm muted note to another. It might be a stupid question... but is that possible (yes it's physically possible, I know), but i meant more like... does anyone else ever see this in tablature? I just believe it's notated wrong but... hopefully I get some inputs.
you might palm mute the first note then remove your palm before sliding
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I have been playing 8 years and I can't think of any instance where I've heard that off the top of my head. It's certainly possible and I'm sure it's been used somewhere. Just listen to the song and compare the sound of the palm muted note vice the non palm muted note.
I did listen to the song and it does seem like it's palm muted and slid to another palm muted note. I guess I just find it awkward, not to do as it's easy, but that it's palm muted which sort of dampens the sliding sound anyways. Sometimes I just think it's notated wrong on the slide part and it shouldn't be there haha.
Pics would help. I'm thinking it's probably a pick scrape.
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Well I'll post a picture later if it's needed, but if notated it's 2s5 both with PM at the top. I'm positive it's not a pick scrape as pick scrapes are plainly mentioned as pick scrapes via text at the top of the note (tabbed as an x with a slide symbol) on the sheet music I have. I guess I'm also wondering if anyone else has seen this in any song but me.