Hi UG, I've been meaning to upload this for a while now, but could you guys help me identify this guitar? It's a Barracuda... something... It's a Les Paul copy...

My Setup:

Slammer XP-1 by Hamer w/ SD's Hot Rodded Humbuckers
Jay Turser JT-RR100 (Custom)
Barracuda Les Paul (Custom)
Peavey ValveKing Head/Cab
Line 6 Spider III 120w Combo
Boss Metal Zone MT-2
DigiTech RP300A Mulit-Effects Pedal
It's pretty much how you described it, a Barracuda Les Paul.

The best I could come up with with a search was a 'Les Paul 400'.
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That's gotta be the closest chinese copy of a LP Studio i've ever seen.
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