i'm trying to get a similar sound like these songs...

i have marshall mg amp / pod hd500 mfx pedal and ltd guitar

i'm saving up now for a new amp so recommendations on that would be helpful aswell.

i'd appreciate any advice!

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Hi watt tube amp, nothing crazy, just cranked. Find a B-52 or a Winsor Head for cheap and turn it up.

You can find live versions of those videos, or similar on youtube. Look those up and see what they are using on-stage.
This is SlapShot from a couple of night ago. The iPhone speaker gets blown out, but you'll get the idea. I walk over to the other side the third song in. There's a good shot of the guitar rig and a better sense of the tone. He's using some sort of Peavy...


i tried to find live videos but couldnt find anything that shows the gear :[