So i see the stickied threa but where can i listen/download these at? Also any tips for using them? I never really used them before. I believe its pretty straight forward though
The answer is as it always is; Why the hell did you not just google it??

Go to youtube. Search Backing tracks. Listen, take note of key. Play.

If you want to download, either use a youtube-MP3 converter, or search backing tracks download into google and find some....

Did you really need to ask?
I did and i kept getting the backing tracks for songs not jam tracks. But i found a bunch on youtube thanks
If it's for a song, listen to the song loads and make sure you're familiar with it. I tried learning to November Rain solo a few years ago but I couldn't play it too well over the backing track. But now, I know the song very well and I tried it again yesterday and didn't even have to learn the timing of the notes. It just all came together naturally because I knew the song. It helps having a good ear.