So I'm pretty new to the Metal Shop toneport pack, I just downloaded it and am currently trying to get a good tone for metal. Usually I keep the sound cleaner, but I decided to crank up the gain for a more hard hitting tone, but i'm not so sure if I over do it. Be honest, tell me what you think about it. The good, the bad and the ugly. It always helps to hear some feedback. Thanks guys

Sounds pretty heavy to me. What tuning are you in? Drop D? C? lower But then again maybe its the bass that adds that tough sound to the mix. What type of tone do you look up to / want?

For me when I think of heavy I think of meshuggah or periphery but that's my personal preference. To get a more heavy sounding guitar you can work with the EQ but to get one from the amp man. going to have to experiment for awhile xD

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I think it sounds really good actually! I would believe those were miked amps if someone didn't tell me. For how fat the tone is you still get a lot of clarity. Is there a bass in that mix? I like howyou used the stereo rhythm guitars too, nice and wide. Great playing too. Well done.

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There actually is a bass vst somewhere in there, but its a little low in the mix. And for some reason it also blends in pretty well with the guitar.
Dude I think the sound is pretty freaking good! I wish I could get better sounds with my toneport, still working on that!

The riffs are heavy and totally work with the tone you're getting!
By the way I also listened to Fatalism and it's a pretty good track.

The rythm and lead guitars blend very well and the melodies are moving.

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