I want to get a mid-level guitar with a price at no more than $500.

We need a genre, what other gear you have, preferences toward certain things (neck profile, tone, Floyd or no, etcetera) at the minimum before we can give a sensible answer.
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I've never owned a Jackson so I can't say much for them.

Ibanez's mid grade guitars are very good. They have an emphasis on build quality and hardware quality rather than electronics though. Most of Ibanez's pickups are just okay. This is a good thing in my opinion because it keeps the cost down and most people will eventually put after market pickups in anyway. And even high end pickups are relatively cheap compared to the guitar.

ESP's stuff has gotten ridiculously expensive over the past 5 years. I guess they feel that adding a maple veneer and Duncans justifies a 500 dollar price increase. Anyways, you'd do better looking at LTD for your price range. Nevertheless, they make nice guitars as well.
Budget? - $300-500

Genres? - Chili Peppers, Maiden, nothing too heavy. Clean is more important, but a decent distortion is desired. I prefer passive pups.

New or Used? - Used if it's in pretty good condition. I bought a crap amp off craigslist for $35, but it gives out what I payed in to it.

Home or Gig? - Home.

Closest City? -Wilmington Nc.

Current Gear? - At the moment I am playing a Les Paul knock off by Silvertone. It serves my needs pretty well, but I want something that is lighter, smaller, and has a thinner neck. As I mentioned earlier, I have have a horrible (50 watt?) peavy amp. As for effects, I have a digitech multi-fx board and a Zakk Wylde wah pedal
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The Kramer Striker is a good choice for your price range.

What about pickups? humbuckers, singles? Fixed trem, floating, Floyd type? Body shape?

I would say humbuckers, but I haven't ever had any real exposure to singles. Preferably a strat/super-strat body (I'm thinking light and fast). Probably a fixed bridge
Deffinately ESP LTD's. As far as mid range guitars go LTD's and Schecters are the best in my opinion.
get a jackson i have a 200 $ model and i LOVE it. i thinkyou should go on guitar center and find used