I have an older Peavey Raptor Plus, the one with the headstock that looks like a leper's hand with the 3-per-side tuners. I got it really cheap and I like playing it a lot. The neck and weight are great.

The bridge pickup is a humbucker and the other two are single coils and it's got the 5 position switch. Can I change the two single coils to humbuckers with a direct swap? I read somewhere that positions 2 & 4 on the switch are for hum reducing so should I leave it hooked up as is, bypass those positions, or do I need to do anything additional with the wiring? Thanks.
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2 and 4 on a strat reduce hum by turning on single coils out of phase - this isn't a problem with humbuckers as they "buck [cancel] the hum". On a HH confuguration these positions normally don't exist (you have a 3-way instead), but if you keep the 5 way switch you might be able have some fun coil tapping.

Your biggest worry will be the routing/pickguard replacing. a humbucker won't fit in a hole designed for a single coil.

EDIT: http://guitarshowroom.webs.com/Photo0226.jpg
You can see the much bigger humbucker gap clearly here (on a peavey raptor too!)
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I made cabinets and furniture for a while. I can make things fit nicely. I'd like to find a piece of old, sixties Formica with some wild pattern for the pick guard.

So, are you saying that I should/could leave the switch wired as is?
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Eeerm not 'as is'.
You replace the sc's by buckers,
which gives you different wires to attach to your switch.

Try the duncan site for wiring schemes.

Search for '3 humbuckers 1 5-way switch' things
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