I'm looking at buying one(as a guitar head, but for the price($50-$100). I might give it to my bassist to borrow.

Does anyone have any info on this amp, anecdotal or otherwise?

Obviously I will take a listen before I buy. I am looking to replace a 5 watt tube amp that I was using as a head(epi jr, with lots of mods). I like the sound of the tube amps, but want more volume than my 5 watter and for my talent level and ears, a solid state would work great. My assumption is that this one is completely analog and should have a pretty nice sound to it for guitar, as well as bass.

if anyone has any info at all I would greatly appreciate it.
I dunno if modern SS amps are analog or if it even matters, thats more of a picky pedal snobs issue? Could be wrong of course.

I don't really understand why you need that amp for more volume and then want to lend it to your bassist. It's under powered for a bass head for any kind of group practice or gigging. As for you, you probably mean you want more "clean" volume, those 5 watters can get pretty loud, and if you think you're not worthy of a nice amp, you probably don't need to be blowing ear drums with 50 watts of SS power through a bass amp that doesn't want to overdrive unless turned to 11.

I assume you are kids, or at least young (if the bass player can't afford a $50 amp, yes you modded a tube head maybe?) My suggestion would be buy a 12at7 tube for more headroom, and save up for say a classic 30 amp. I own one has great volume and with new tubes, tube cage and speaker upgrade was like $375. Make your bass player buy his own practice amp if he doesn't know how to play, and have him save up for something with 100-300 watts.
I think you misunderstood/I wrote it pretty poorly. First off I'm not a kid. Secondly I just made the give it to my bassist comment as a sidebar that it wouldn't go to waste even if I ended up not using it.

The 5w tube amp is just barely loud enough to jam with the band. I Like the tube amp sound, but not enough to warrant the extra cost and hassle. I have a pretty nice 212 cab. and a peavey bandit 112, that I run through it when I want some volume. The Peavey is big and heavy, but I like the sound so I would like to get just a head that will cover it.

This is a vintage head and not a whole lot of info on it. so just want to see what its worth and how it would fit my needs. I mainly use a pedal board so no need for onboard distortion or anything. it seemed like a good option. And not everyone can even begin to save 350 bucks for something like this by the way. The fact of the matter is I think a large amount of people will pay a lot more money than they should simply because they read people saying how great stuff is, and chastizing anyone who thinks otherwise. I can tell you. I dont need/want a 350 dollar tube amp. I play an occational show, and my 100 watt ss works great. I'd just like something a little lighter.
Ah, yea, sorry I just assumed you wanted a tube amp but didn't want to wait to save.

I can't say anything about that amp.

What I can say is that most guitar SS amps are small practice amps, or big 100 watters for shredders on a budget as you've noticed. If a bass amps clean signal plus your pedal board sounds like a good idea, try it before you buy it is all I can say.

I wasn't chastizing either, it just seemed and still somewhat seems strange. What music exactly are you playing? generally most guitarists seldom need more than 50 watts and a mic for anything, which you are I assume getting from this bass amp.

Also wasn't aware a bandit was 100 watts? I thought they were like 15-30
The bandit 112 is 80 watts into its 8 ohm speaker. but if you hook up an extension cab at 8 ohms it goes through both at 100watts @ 4 ohms.

Its an annoyingly nice amp. Probably one of the best solid states out there. But weighs half a metric ****ton, if they had just made that a head it would've been awesome.

I've decided to skip the trayner for now. The epi sounds sweet and is just loud enough for practice and probably most small bars and such.
yea, I used one with a drummer and bass before with the head unmodded and standard cab.

I know that John Fogarty of CCR used a Kustom SS amp. I am still curious, you own a Epi tube amp, but seem adamant on finding a SS amp. Do you really want a SS amp or merely think it's the cheapest option? I don't want to delve into your personal finances but just curious, because you said you don't care, then also said you just can't afford to save money.

Even though you don't want to be pushed. I think if you think the bandit and cab and stuff if too heavy and loud, I'd sell my stuff, and go to the guitar pages and post whats a good amp used at a certain price point you can meet.

I can understand having no wiggle room in saving, but if you have gear around you don't want to carry or use, and a need for something new why not sell and buy?

I guess I am just curious if someone offered you a 1968 black face twin reverb for $50 serviced and ready would you say no and hold out for a solid state bass amp or no?
I just believe that a lot of people get tube amps for the sake of getting tube amps. Right now I play in a basement band who's highest aspirations is a dive bar(which we probably wont get to because our drummer refuses to learn how to drum). For me Tube amps do sound a bit warmer and more dynamic than the SS but the also seem to come with troubles of needing to replace tubes and guessing when the tubes are actually going. It just seems a little less consistent than an ss. not to mention the cost of having to replace the tubes every couple years. Do tube amps sound better than a quality SS amp? yea. does a good ss band sound crappy? no way in hell.

At this point I would love a tube amp, but I like the sound of SS enough and it works great with what I want to do. I will say that I am looking at the very few 15 watt tube amps out there, the array of 6 -8 tubes in a 100 watt is just too intimidating to some day have to replace, service and bias.

and of course I would take the blackface for 50 bucks. but no ones going to give you one for 50 bucks, you cant replace the tubes in that thing for 50 bucks.

In conclusion. I'm happy with my tone, I am not and will never be a professional musician. But I am able to get a sound that Myself and the audience can listen too and enjoy with an SS amp, I see no reason to spend a ton extra on a tube amp.