Hello! Does someone have any experience this guitars? Are the worth the money they cost? They have wilkinson pickups, tuners & bridges. Whats their quality?
Ive got the v100 afd paradise, copy of the gibson afd les paul, apart from a tiny imperfection on the binding and one on an inlay its brilliant, plays great and the pickups are pretty damn good for stock, looks fantastic aswell. It easily beats an epiphone les paul custom and its about £150 cheaper
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I allso heard only good things about the wood..actualy about everything eccept the wiring,electronics... only rumors.
but their well-finished guitars are supposedly very good. some medium-sized names have played them e.g. rob chapman (in the early days). and graham oliver of saxon has a sig. from them. BUT the demo videos are very badly produced. it its in a shop and you check it and am happy, it should be fine.
Overall, they make great guitars - I'd say go for it. But your best bet is actually playing the guitar before you buy it to make sure you're getting a good one.