I got a les paul copy off a trade a while back and cant find shits worth of info on it besides that its gibson b-stock sold to the japs back in the 70s. its an estrada lp copy and its black, chambered arch top, had alnico (i think) rusty ass buckers in it and was stuffed full of paper towels under the arch top. was a beater when i got it but after rewiring and getting new pots/pickups its a bretty beastly little ****er. so, real question, anyone know anything about this brand? or anyone have one of these?
The Estrada namesake is most often connected to a line of classical guitars made in Mexico. Apparently there was an unrelated Japanese company also using that name that made some acoustic and electric guitars for a few years in the '70s. What you have is not a Gibson B-stock. The Gibson company had no such relationship with any Japanese company. It is likely one of many LP copies that came out of Japan during that era. Some were pretty good, some not so much.