Just woke up and decided to record real quickly one of the tunes I've been working on lately. Super fun to play but my fingers just can't take another run through right now [thanks to my horrible action]. Would appreciate any and all feedback!


c4c as always!

This is very beautiful, mellow and easy listening. I enjoyed listening to it. The harmonics are a nice touch. Yeah I know what you mean about your fingers getting stressed out when playing acoustic. There's this one part in the song around 1:38 it's a small build up. I hoped that it would keep going up but It steered away from that and went back down. Little like a roller coaster. You should work on building it up more in my opinion xD But no matter i still enjoyed listening to it. Great playing keep it up!

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Hi Matts!

I can hear the candyrat influence and it definately sounds good!
I like the fact that the groovy melody keeps coming back, and I can understand that it's fun to play it!
I don't think it's bad in any way. Your fingerpicking is very good and the song is catchy. If you were to change something then I'd say try to alter the bridge(?) a little bit perhaps since it keeps coming back.

And in the end of the song, instead of the suspended chord, just play the final chord at once. That's my opinion. I'm subbing you cause you rock.

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I would try to solidify your tempo/timing a little bit more next time you record. I like the harmony a lot but your rhythm is slightly off and always gives me a slightly unsure feeling. Slick use of harmonics around 2:10 though. I think it's a great start, really pretty song.

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Quote by besweeney91
This is bangin. I never got bored once. I wish I could think of something better to say but I'd pretty much just say work on the timing since it speeds up here and there. It should pretty much come naturally as you practice it more though. Also is this in a different tuning?

Oh yea and if you don't mind, heres this

Yea Ive got it tuned CGCGCD. Kind of my own variation on Open C I guess. Probably my favorite tuning ever though.

Just put the tab in the video description if you care to take a look!