the song is called forever young by audra mae and the forrest rangers. it's a cover of the bob dylan song.
it's also used in the show sons of anarchy so i was a surprised that no one's tabbed it out

I know people on here are very talented, would love any help that someone can give...



and then TRANSPOSE it DOWN 5 HALF STEPS and you will be in the same key as they are singing the song in......

To transpose it just go where it says TRANSPOSE SONG .....do what I stated above and click TRANSPOSE..... I f you did it correctly the chords will be
INTRO: A Asus2 A Asus4
A, C#m, D, A, E etc.......
hi and thanks for the response!
that is a good start but still not accurate.
the song is definitely in the key of A but she isn't playing as many notes as dylan.

i don't think there are any c#min in this song
the E and D are also not heard as much as it would be if i just transposed 5 half steps down.

really appreciate the reply but would love if someone could figure out the full song.

Glad to help... I Always loved the song by Bob Dylan... This was a very nice version of the song as well... Enjoy!