I'm in a band again so I've been updating my rig and everything is sounding pretty good, except I'm not happy with the pickups in my Epiphone Dot. They lack clarity and aren't particularly responsive to my playing dynamics. I don't know huge amount about pickups, certainly not enough to make an informed purchase, so I call upon UG to help me work out what exactly I'm after!

So I'm after something new, without breaking the bank (it's not the most expensive guitar, after all). I'm also thinking that I want a P90 in the neck position, just to give that bit more versatility.

On the super cheap end of the spectrum I'm looking at GFS. I've heard good things about the Dream 90 hum size P90s and generally good things about their other offerings.

I've also been looking at the Seymour Duncan Phat Cat and the Gibson P94. Anyone have experience with these?

For the bridge I'm after something that will be good for classic rock distortion to more modern rock style riffs (think Muse). I have no idea where to even start with this one so I nudge in the right direction would be appreciated.

Ideally I would like to spend no more than £70-£80 per pickup, but if somethings really worth it for just a bit more then I can stretch I'm happy to go used as well, if I can find what I'm after.

My amp is a Hayden Mofo through an Orange 1x12 with a Vintage 30. I boost it with either a Tubscreamer or a Rangemaster, usually the latter.

Thanks muchly
Irongear pickups, seriously.

I have two guitars with Irongears in them, and they outperform DiMarzios and SDs, IMO.

For what you want I would go for an Alchemist 90 in the neck, and for the bridge it depends how hot you want to go. The Hot Slag isn't the hottest they do but it's still pretty gainy, whilst still keeping that classic alnico edge. The Rolling Mill is more of a hot PAF type, best suited for Classic Rock. Both are great and I would seriously recommend you go Irongear.
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