Does that mean they accidentally stumbled themselves on an idea that's been probably discovered for the 4th or 5th time by an anonymous composer in 1852?

I don't want to be mean or condescending but why in the world would any musician call themselves cutting edge? Have you listened to birds sing? They're a few million years ahead of you and all they do is vibrate air with their bodies. You got all these gismos, gadgets, wires, and boxes, modulators, and circuits that have been bent to hell and back many times over, and I guarantee you you can't even come close to replicating the beauty of a bird singing one note. You can't even do it.

I don't think the point of being cutting edge is replicating that which has already been done. It's about creating new things.

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They call themselves cutting edge because they want emos to like them, and emos like things that cut.
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Is this in reference to the Paul Weller article on UG?

Yeah I saw it and it made my mind run in circles haha