I have an Egnater Rebel 20 head. I have an Epiphone valve jr combo with a speaker that says nothing about watts. They're both 4,8,16 ohm switchable. If I play at a very low volume, is that safe? The vj is 5w the rebel is 20w.

Ps. Yes I have a good cab for the head already. But it stays at the practice room and the rebel is a lunchbox
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probably not a good idea. probably a rather poor speaker in there already to do you Rebel justice.

more importantly what are you thinking you method is? you cannot simply plug the Rebel's speaker out into the input of the VJ, that equals smoke and potential fire. (not necessarily serious on the smoke on fire). thats how i am thinking you are saying.
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The speaker has it's own input in the back of the amp.
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Input or output? You need to take the cable going between the amp and the speaker and extend it so it will reach between the speaker and your head. Probably easier to make a whole new speaker cable with a phono plug on one end and spade connectors on the other. Otherwise you will need an extension lead with male phono on one end and female on the other. Be careful because most extension cables will be instrument grade, not speaker.
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Both, the speaker cable coming out into either a 4,8 or 16 ohm input. There's enough slack in the speaker cable, it'll reach the rebel. Thanks
Physically you can do it, no doubt, as you've already stated. There is a probably a little headroom on those speakers above the 5W the VJ puts out, so it most likely will be ok at a lower volume, but there is still a slight risk. Can you see the back of the speakers to see if they have a rating on them first?