Aight so here's the dealio. I was looking around on Lespac (Basically the French Canadian Craigslist) recently and found this old fuzz pedal. The description is pretty blank and it just says "Shin-Ei Fuzz made in Japan". I know these usually go for quite a bit and this ones going for round 200 bucks. The cool thing is it's at a pawn shop really close to my house so i can go check it out when i want.

Now what i want from you guys is just to give me the lowdown on these old fuzzes. What are they really worth, different type of models, years of production and their value stuff like that. Really just any info.

Here's a picture however shitty it may be i can always just go to the store to get more details. If you can realize what it is by looking please do tell.

I will be searching around the webz but in the mean time it would be great to pickup up some 1 on 1 info on this kinda thing. Thanks a ton

EDIT: Mmmkkay so i pretty sure this is a Companion fuzz
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