is it possible to play tabs perfectly or near perfect on your first try?If so how long will it take for someone to be able to do that
Yeah, it's possible if you know the song well. Could take a few months to master, could take years, it's entirely personal and dependent on practise
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hmm... if you could play the tabs first try... maybe you don't need the tabs. i been playin' an awful long time(since last july he he) and it'll take me a few hours to get the tabs down. i find them much easier if i really like the song. i can get some by ear ( remember everything by 5FDP took me weeks.. until i figured out that it was in C). but mostly i plug away at the tabs with the finesse of a bear holding a teacup.
oh k ty for now im just trying to improve my skills by playing tabs since it seems to be the most enjoyable way for me.I have plans to learn how to play by ear once im proficient at the guitar