so i have a import guitar and the original switch has the lugs lined up horizontally labeled 1 2 3 0 0 1 2 3 i have another import switch that i am going to replace it with which is a bit different im not exactly sure which way its labeled i think its 1 2 3 00 1 2 3 it only has 7 lugs so im assuming the middle is 00. i have included a poorly made paint drawing, but i think you can get the picture of how the lugs are lined up. my guitar is a washburn x41 h-s-s 1 vol 1 tone i have wired all the pickups to the first three lugs and the middle lug to one of the lugs on the volume pot. does it seem as if i have done this correctly? any info would be great.

found a pic of the the new switch i put in where would i wire the ground from the pots?
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