Local music store has a used American Standard Jazz Bass, obviously been used quite a bit. Has some dings, knick, scratches, belt rash etc. Has EMG pickups. Asking $630.

Whats your guys opinions? I'd love to have an American Jazz, but honestly about $500 is my limit, which I know I'm likely not going to find one. But I could MAYBE squeeze out for it. Thoughts? Opinions?

Thanks in advance.
no, unless it sounds and feels amazing and perfect to you.

But I am not a fan of active, and even less of EMG's for some reason.

I'm all for used, but if it's just because it's an American jazz to say you owned a real fender, I'd say no. A beat to hell bass with non stock pickups is hardly the bass you really want (again I think?).

Edit: I'd say if you had to have it, stress the fact it's beat to hell and and not factory stock. You can find used American Fenders pretty often for around $600 from people who need to make rent and bills.
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you'll be able to talk them down unless it's a guitar center or something similar. Show them 500 cash and they'll probably take it
Yea it actually was at Guitar Center. The $630 was with them being talked down a little. It has a $700 sticker on it, but i chatted with the sales manager and he said they could knock 10% off it. Which to me still seems a bit high for the condition it is in. I will say regardless of the looks of the bass it plays really well, setup nice, good tone. My concern is its wore out.
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My concern is its wore out.

They are still high, but there is a difference in worn and broke.
I moved the knobs no crackles, plugged right in and went to wailing. Sounded good. May be best to pass it up if I have to think this much about it

But just wanted to ask some opinions.