Shitty pictures, I know. My camera cable is currently broken and I have no way of getting pics from my camera onto my computer, these were taken with a cellphone. The first pic is from craigslist.
All I know about this guitar is that it is supposed to be a gibson copy,
Any help in identifying this would be great.
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It would be more helpful if you took pictures of the headstock as well or anything that could help identify it like such as a name somewhere.

From what you have there, it could be something similar to a 'Matsumoku factory' Japanese copy guitar. They often put "steel adjustable neck" on their neck plates. I think they're more known for making Aria guitars IIRC.
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Yeah, I was going to say Aria/Matsumoku. So it could be Aria, Washburn, Vantage, Westone, Hondo... Most likely Aria or Hondo though.
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Thanks for the replies. There isn't anything written on the headstock or anywhere else. I'll try to take some better pics though if i can.