I just put 2 new songs in my music website: "Look Up" is the song on top, and "Sequential Resurrection" (wild synth stuff, not ultra-melodic) is the next song down. There is no guitar in either song, though I use guitar-type distortion or guitar amp modeling on certain parts on both songs. The second song even has wah-wah pedal on some synth, along with the guitar amp modeling. Tell me how you like these songs and how they can be improved. If you review my music, I will review yours. I promise! Here is the link:

Listened to Look Up, pretty cool song! It reminds me of a band I used to listen to. I like your build in the beginning, it's always nice to hear that instrumental crescendo. I was pretty impressed when the vocals came in, cool and unique sound. I think it needs a little more variety in the instrumental, the backing starts to get a little fatiguing to the (my) ear but that may just be me, I'm a stickler for variety. Nice keyboard solo too!

I like it, in another time this might well have ended up on my iPod. Glad I clicked on the link.

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Look up is pretty good; the main riff is killer. The vocals are odd and sound a little slurred. That may be what you're going for, if not then the reverb on them doesn't help. The lead synths sound a little simple and cheesey in places, especially the sax-type-thing in the mid section.

What do you think of this?


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Listening to Sequential Resurrection. I got to say right off the bat not my usual style of music. I like this, I think it would work really well as a interlude between songs on an album kinda like what pink floyd did with dark side of the moon. The melodies are good and the rhythm track is solid . Everything is working together nicely; blending a good harmonic structure with a solid foundation keeping the track interesting all the way through. Nice work man
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Tried listening to @ Sequential Resurrection and just couldn't get into it there wasn't much substance. Need to work on the fatness of the synth's and the overall texture. Try working with massive or fm8 they are great vst's both made by Native Instruments. You can get some really awesome patches with both programs.

@ Look up

I'm digging the beat and the 80's style is sweet. Reminds me of the show 21 jump street. The vocals to me sounds like rock lobster which I've said before. Seems to me you like the vibrato with reverb. Isn't my cup of tea. I would compress the drums so that they aren't so airy for the kick and the snare. These drums sound like midi drums to be honest and that isn't so appealing. The saxophone was very unexpected lots of character in this song which I like. Your good at producing this type of music but I'm not sure if there's a market for it since it does sound a little dated ( no offense ) but no worries man it's all good. Keep doing what you love

Please come back to my thread and check out the other songs and leave me some feedback them.


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*Look Up* As always sounding great, the vocals are pretty crazy . Saxophone was pretty cool too, every time I listen to one of your songs it always blows my mind in one way or another. Nice job, I will listen to your other one soon too.
Thanks for the crit man!

Look Up -
The intro was a great build up, especially when that classic bass drops in with that little line.
The drum sound was fantastic, the whole thing could have been straight outta the 80's sounding like those british acts.
The sax should be more powerful in my opinion, maybe it was a VST?
The vocals im not keen on but i understand why they're like that, and they're perfect for the piece. Even the phrases fit.

I would have liked to see a melody change somewhere, to take the song to another level but that's just me.

Sequential Ressurection -
This had my mind working!
Reminds me of Dragons Of Eden, without the guitars haha. The drums should definitely be alot more crazy and tight with the bass i think. But there isnt a whole lot 'wrong' with them, its my opinion of what i'd want to hear. I just think the song would hold more together if the bass and drums were a tight unit then that synth madness would be even more awesome!

I do like the production on it though, the dirty background stuff with the clean synth shaping the song. Maybe a little more structure wouldnt have gone a miss, but again - you know your style better than myself.

Good luck to you in the future mate!
Always waiting for that bit of inspiration.
Thanks for the crit on my stuff man

Sequential Ressurection: Sounds cool haha! love the tone of the synth, the drums and bass could have been mixed alot higher though.
Very cool ideas in this song and nice effects but its alot of the same after some time and thats pretty sad because if this had some vocals or some different variations, or a song with this as an intro it could have been awesome, great idea though keep it up!
Good stuff man! I absolutely love the drums on Look Up and the song in general reminds me of the good old rock music from the 80's probably mostly because of the drums and the vocals. Definitely deserves some air time on the radio

Also Sequential Resurrection kinda sounds like something I'd hear on a Gorillaz album. Very abstract but at the same time very cool.
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Great and interesting stuff as usual.That bass drum has always driven me nuts though.I've used it in a lot of my old stuff but it just really bothers me.Your voice works really well with Look Up.I know I have said some not so good things about your voice before but I do think that some of your songs benifit from your unique style and sound.

I swear I had a dream the other night of a song that sounded a lot like Sequential Resurrection.I'm freaking out about this and I love it.
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Thanks for the crit!

I love look up, it seriously could be an 80's film soundtrack. Great recording as well. The drums and sax sound a little computer-ised at times but I suppose for this 80's vibe it just adds to the sound. Also love the pew-pew-pew-pew laser gun sounds.
Hey man, your songs are really cool. Both sound incredibly 80's. Sequential Ressurection actually reminded me of Edgar Winter Group for some reason haha

Very cool stuff, man. Your vocals fit the pieces perfectly and loved the sax bit in Look Up.
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Intro: got a great vibe to it, really feeling it
Vocals: i think it would serve you well to raise the volume a bit and take some reverb off of them.

Great recording quality, and adding a bit of reverb to that sax might thicken it right up :P
Thanks for the post. Sequential Resurrection - I like how it starts with all the effects, I honestly hate the drums though, they sound like one of my dad's drunk friends feeling "musical" . Other than that it's trippy, reminds me of Alien Chase on Arabian Desert by Al Di Meola, in a good way.
Thanks for the crit and yes I did intend an element of humour, I'm not quite that over-the-top (close though).

I'm not really sure what to say about your songs, they sounded really cool though, the bassist I'm playing with is really into odd stuff like that (he made the "beats" on my youtube account). The only criticism I can think of is the vocals in the first song weren't quite clear enough, the quality of everything else was much better sonically, but it was a cool song.

The second song had a lot of dynamics, which would probably work well if you mix it a little more carefully. The volume got a little too loud in places, but I was using head phones, so...

Anyway, you got some pretty interesting sounds going on there, good job!
I liked the Look Up song, reminded me of Nine Inch Nails with the bass and drum tone. Couldn't really decipher what was said in the lyrics, they could have been either a bit more passionate or toned down. They were in a bit of a weird in between I think. Good jam though.
I checked out 'look up'. Sounds like nine inch nails, pretty awesome. Intro was great. I wasent really feeling the chorus though, its just my personal taste though as I like choruses that really rock out. Great job otherwise. I think if you had a couple of bits where you had just clean vocals for a verse it would provide that extra texture to the song.

A cool guitar solo would've fit nicely aswell with the song toward the outro, but still the song kept my attention throughout. Nice job on all the instruments very well done.
Tried to listen to Sequential Resurrection, but didn't like it at all so I moved onto Look Up. :/
The synth was way too much for me haha, not my style.

The intro to Look Up is interesting, and you've got the drums to match the era for sure haha, the vocals sound a little muffled, not just because of the effects, but it's a little hard to understand what you're saying.

Really isn't my style either, but everything sounds recorded well, and I dig the instrumentation.

A little reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand at times, if they were from the 80's.

The little bridge thing with the synth is nice, it isn't over the top or anything, which is good.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=29424341#post29424341
I must admit its not really my kind of music so I cant really offer that much of a review but i can say fits together very nice and recording is great so keep it up
"Look Up" has a very catchy start, I liked it. And when the drums come in they feel pretty like 80s sound. xD I'm not sure what you make of that but I liked that. The same goes for the vocals, maybe it's cause of the fx they got on them. You got a very interesting experiment going on there.

The synth stuff on "Sequential Resurrection" reminded me of some songs of Ayreon, but with a more experimental touch instead of a rock progressive edge. The main synth sometimes feels a bit too loud when it comes in but overall it's good. Loved the way the song ended. But I kinda wished it would've had different parts cause it was interesting thinking of the results you could get with all these synths.

Rock on man. Thanks a lot for reviewing my work, and keep up the good stuff!
Wow. I loved Look Up. I thought it was going to be lame right before I clicked it. I loved it. I liked the lead. Then the bass came in, and I was like. Yeah this is going to do it. Then your vocals were pretty good too. I couldn't quite understand all the words though. Some of them were a little hard to understand... :S This feels so classic. Like it would've been played back when I was growing up. The little solo with the sax was fantastic. About one note I didn't agree with though... I don't know where it was, it was all by itself though. Other than that, it was good. Post up the lyrics, I want to read them soon.

Sequential resurrection is just so amazingly weird. I could see like an Eggman stage from Sonic Adventure games being played to this. Hahaha. I thought it was ballin'. It's so different. I like the little riff thing at about 1:00. There's not much else to say about that... It's got that nice melody and everything is pretty much concentric around it. It keeps you entertained from start to finish. This is definitely for a video game of some sort. This one is perfect as instrumental. 9.5/10

Crit4crit? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1529698
Look Up: Sounds pretty cool, has a bit of an industrial feel kinda like NIN older stuff. Sometimes I think there may be a little too much delay/reverb on the vox but then again that's the style of the genre, a fine line to tread!

Sequential Resurrection: Pretty wacky synth line but it's apparent that that's what you were going for, other then that sounded awesome man, keep up the good work
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Thanks for the reviews, I appreciate it! The sax in "Look Up", is not a soft synth, it is Roland Sound Canvas SC-55 synth module. Yep, I like a lot of 80's alternative rock. Since someone asked, here is a link to the lyrics for "Look Up":

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Look Up-I crit as I write and dont read others comments till after so you get a more honest opinion.....

NIN influences for sure, I like it a lot. Reminiscent of the first NIN album. Good up till the vocals. They are different and unique but I feel that the effect needs to be lessened a lot. I like the sound of your voice a lot, stop clouding it in effects! I love the robotic industrial feel, its really cool to hear someone doing this again. The bits where you go mad with the vocals are really cool too. Synth lead needs bringing down in the mix for sure and maybe change the effect slightly, its a bit Mario-esque.

All in all really well produced and nicely styled. Its tight and interesting. Keep up the good work, going to listen to your other stuff too.


Crit me? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1530975

Cheers T
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Sorry for the late response!

Really digged Look Up, great intro and buld up to a pretty sweet riff. The mix is fantastic, it all flows nicely together, digged it!

I laos really digged Sequential Resurrection, pretty funky!
Look up sounds pretty cool. Like the big retro drum sound you have here. Reminds me of Depeche Mode cross with newer artists like Hurts.
Good chord progressions here!

Nice keyboard lick at the start. Kinda like dream theater and like the boss music off old sega games! haha =]
Creates the scene very nice.
Cool ending to the track, but would of been cool if it went into a full track with vocals etc
Keep it up!
listening to look up right now...awesome corelation with the synth and the other layered harmonies...i like the repeating line that goes over top,very depeche mode like,but with a modern experimental edge...great hooks harmony and very spacey,catchy...awesome job on this one....crisp production too!.....will get back to you on the other one in a bit
Thanks for the crit.

Had a listen to Look Up, I always thought your music had quite a retro feel to it, like the synths and drums, and this was no different, not that it's a bad thing at all. The whole intro before the vocals entered was really cool. The vocals were quite interesting, quite different, at times I was enjoying the vocals then at times I wasn't, although that's personal preference.

Pretty solid song overall, not my usual taste but I quite enjoyed it. The production was good too, like I said, has a very retro feel to it, and it sounds quite professional. Nice one.
Thanks for the critique. Sequential Resurrection is very interesting, not quite my style so its hard to give constructive comments but the nice part is it never really felt generic or too boring. Even if it wasn't my style, still was interesting and there were a few riffs that had some catchiness to them. Look up does have a pretty catchy riff, but if there was one complaint between the two songs is the midi instruments. See if you can't find more realistic instruments, try using native instrument's massive, fm8, or absynth for synths. Also try addictive drums for drums. The midi really throws me off. I do like the bass line on look up. The vocals are in 80's style which I was never a huge fan of but for what it is, it sounds good.
Cool stuff mate!

I really enjoyed "Look up"!

The vocals are really great and original and fits really well with this kind of music, I like the intro, and the sax solo was great! The only thing i thought of was to maybe vary your songs a bit more in the future Like with the background and such

Cool job, great song!
Look Up:
I find this song very original sounding. HOWEVER, I don't like the vocals on this at all, albeit the fact they do fit the song well. It just gets to be a drag to listen to the whole song, it's a song, that although its very well written, it's hard to listen to all the way through. I give you a 10 for the song writing quality, it IS well written, BUT I just don't like the song.

Sequential Resurrection:
I REALLY enjoyed this song man! I can't really say much about this one, other then I thought it was simply amazing! Very interesting song. The synths sound great. Great job man!
Look Up: I liked the synth, but it sounded kinda cheap to be honest. The whole song has a very cheesy 80s vibe, which you were probably going for, but it's not really my cup of tea. The vocals fit pretty good in this kind of song, I enjoyed them. The little bass break was nice too. Not too bad overall, but not my kinda thing.

Sequential Resurrection: I loved the main synth, I really dig that kind of sound. The song itself gets a bit repetitive to be honest, as much as I loved the synths it just gets dull after a while. It could've used some different sounds and/or rhythms to keep things more interesting, imo.