It's not a big deal, I'm just curious.. On my US standard strat, on the pickup selector switch theres like a tiny little bump facing the neck. If you need a picture I'll post. Just wondering if only mines like that ahaha.

Not a big deal just wondering, ta.
I actually went and checked both of my US strats to see if they had the same thing, but alas, the switches in both have been long since broken and replaced. Ha.

So anyway, to answer you question, probably just yours. No it's not a bit deal, all that matters is how she plays.

It's a "handedness" indicator. Fender installs the switch tip on right-handed guitars with the little bump facing the nut, and on left-handed guitars with it facing backwards.
^ as though it were too hard to tell which hand the guitar was intended to play...

my strat copy has it too ts.
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