Hey Guys,
If you're in the market for a custom guitar or bass, you HAVE to check out Ganimast Guitars. We have a new website at www.freewebstore.org/GanimastGuitars (I know it's small and simple, but hey it gets the job done!)
We have 100% fully customizable guitars/basses with thousands of combinations of different materials and options, including:

-Body/Neck/Fretboard material
(18 variations)
-Construction Type (Bolt-on etc)
-Virtually ANY hardware
-Virtually ANY pickups
-Paints & Finishes
-Pickup configuration/control
-Neck radius / Scale Length / Neck Shape etc
-Double Necks, 7-Strings, 8-Strings, Baritones
-TONS more

-Custom Design Services
-Hand-Carved designs
(Dragons etc)
-Layaway Program (40% down, no fees, pay at your own pace)

We use high quality materials, with amazing customer service - we are THE MOST AFFORDABLE CUSTOM SHOP ONLINE.

If you'd like more information you can get in contact with Mike, at Ganimast@Gmail.com. Just tell him you saw this ad and get 10% off ANY custom order, and he'll take you step by step what you need to do to get your custom axe started!
I like the way you use other brands work to promote your own. Did you actually build any of those guitars yourselves or do work on any of the guitars pictured on your site?

Due to the fact tat iv seen 90% of them on other sites a long time before now and the fact that you dont take paypal or credit cards as payment, im gonna call bullshit on you guys. Not legit.
Hi mr7string, thanks for your reply. We did in fact build the three carved guitars depicted in the attachments, the other two guitar models represents work that we are able to do. We cannot accept Paypal because of a horror story we've experienced with them a while back. We do however accept Skrill/Moneybookers. I also have headstock photos with our logo for verification.

Thank you for trying to help people out though, I understand where you're coming from!
So, if the guitars are really built by you guys, you've pretty much stole designs from oretty much every major manufacturer.

Gibson, fender, ESP, schecter b.c.rich, ibanez, jackson, PRS, music man . . . the list goes on. Hell, you've even 'made' a 1 for 1 rip off of Victor Wootens signature bass?!

So aside from you're blatant breach of many copywrite laws, you have no legitimate website, pretty much zero notification on any of your social media sites and minimal mention of you anywhere else on the web?!

Seems legit.
I am not claiming these designs are mine. Customers purchase whichever designs they choose; it could be modeled after any guitar or bass they'd like, and they are able to customize materials on the instrument.

I am a new on the internet, I'm not a company that has been selling custom guitar for decades. Hell, I didn't even establish my DBA until 2009. I don't have the money to build a fancy website or buy massive stocks of guitars.

If you're looking for a company that already has millions of dollars to waste on advertising and PR, then please go ahead and do so. I don't have those resources, I'm trying to build this company from scratch, it's not easy to do, and it's certainly not easy to do with people who are trying to discredit my business. I'm just a guy who lost his job and is trying to work from home instead of collecting unemployment.

It would be much different if I sold these guitars for thousands and thousands of dollars, or put a copyrighted logo on it trying to pass it on as the real thing. I don't make replicas.