In the dark of the Picture Palace,
You taught me how to live,
And to the music of the closing credits,
You left me in a mess,
And the flickering at the end of the roll,
Leaves me dreading the lonely walk back home,
And so in the dark of the Picture Palace,
We live.

Racing to the top of the amphitheatre,
We go rolling down the decline,
The grass stains on our sweaters,
We said we’d never clean,
The drop in my stomach as I hit the rock,
The pain of the fall, and the joy of the walk,
At the bottom of the amphitheatre,
We live.
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ok, as usual pit is being very unhelpful except andychalmers, so im gonna go post this someplace else

And a master of storytelling...

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andychalmers102, that story is awesome.
The only thing I'd change is in this line "leaves me dreading the lonely walk back home" - you don't need the word "back" in it.

Everything else was very sweet and enjoyable to read.
the shift from past to present tense is too sudden with no obvious reason and it distracts from an otherwise enjoyable poem.
but having re-read I suppose it doesn't really matter.
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