hi, im really really bad at this, so im hoping you guys could help me out

im using a
BOSS NS-2 Noise Suppressor
BOSS DD-3 Digital Delay
IBANEZ TS-9 Tube Screamer

so what should the arrangement be? im very confused with the send/return inputs of the ns-2 and the direct output of dd-3
does this look right?

guitar -> (input) tuner -> (input) ts-9 -> (input) dd-3 -> (input) ns-2 -> amp

Time bases effects should go after the noise gate so that the gate does not prematurely clip the effect.
Guitar -> Pitchblack -> Tubescreamer -> NS2 Input

NS2 Send -> Amp Input

NS2 Output -> Amp Return

Amp Send -> DD3 -> NS2 Return
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I'd run the delay in the loop and then go

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Quote by recklessnick
so i just have to use the input/outputs of the ns2 and i dont have to bother about the send/return?

The send and return on the NS-2 is there for by-passing the gate. The delay in my example is after, so it's not needed.

Offworld posted and example of how you would use the pedal to take care of hiss from your pre-amp. What Offworld shows you is the NS-2 "X"pattern. It's a hack (you won't find mention of it in Boss' documentation) and it works well. if you don't have excessive hiss from your pre-amp, I wouldn't bother.