I read once somewhere that in addition to practice and hard work, taking your guitar with you everywhere you go (obviously within reason) will help you improve your playing. Essentially the idea being that you never know when you'll have 10 min or an hour of down time that you can bust it out and play a lick or two. I try to take my guitar with me whenever I think I may have the opportunity to play it. I used to take it to work and a coworker and myself would play on our lunch hour. I just started a new job so I haven't been doing that yet, but I was walking downtown and saw through a window that some guy had his guitar in his office.

How about you guys, anyone bring their guitar with them everywhere they go?
well I do music at college so I have to take it with me... but when I'm not in college, I usually have my acoustic with me when i'm just sat with my mates getting high, obviously not to a pub or anything... and I always keep it next to me whilst i'm at home just in case I hear a riff in my head or a sound I want to make and I get it down straight away
I mean, thats one of the benefits of having an acoustic guitar right? We can take it out anywhere to get a fix.
Sure, take a guitar with you whenever and wherever you can. Just not your good one.

Like in chess, what you need is a sacrificial rook. It will take a beating (like, drunk people will want to play it, and the temp/humidity changes will be tough on it), but you'll play more often. For the love of all that is good, do not leave it in your trunk.

And though I may get flamed for this, please don't get a backpacker. They are a menace to decent tone and provoke spontaneous outbreaks of off-pitch singing.

i try to bring one with me whenever i go somewhere. like spilly( beware of him... he writes his name in his underwear...wonder where he thinks it'll go.....) says, i never take a great one, usually amid-depth Ovation. not as fragile as some of my others. i stick with a hard case usually. sometimes a semi TKL case. can't bring it to work...no job !!!! summers coming and it'll be much harder to bring one with me in my summer ride, not much room.
I take my guitar with me EVERYWHERE after school. It gets me a lot more practice time, which gets me better at my overall playing.
I don't take mine everywhere, but I do take mine many places. (Acoustic AND electrics.)
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Well, I'm in my 60s now, and I take my guitar to gigs and on holiday and that's about it. But when I first started playing in the early 60s I played it every day and took it everywhere with me - to stay with friends in Holland, the States, when I went to college in London, everywhere, even got the occasional free bus ride playing for the conductor. Played in lots of places from parks to pubs and the occasional concert hall. Met my wife of over 40 years through playing guitar in the right place at the right time, and been playing with my good friend Bob for nearly as long. I have no idea what my life would have been like without it but it's sure made it a good life and led me to some good times. For what it's worth my advice would be play it whenever you can, take it wherever you go.
I find that at times when it is simply impossible to bring a guitar with me, the next best substitute in my opinion is to listen to my favorite guitar player and try to visualize their playing.

Listening to music causes the same areas in your brain to activate and seems to give me a musical fix when I cannot get to my guitar.

Jascha Heifetz, a violinist, once said "If I don't practice one day, I know it; two days, the critics know it; three days, the public knows it."

Keep practicing but listen to music at times when it's impractible to get to your guitar!