Hey guys, i need some help.
The strings on my LTD are too tight, even though they're EB Super Slinkies (pink 9-42 gague), I'm in D standard, and I've only got two springs in the cavity. WHAT?

The strings used to be much looser but i think have gradually tightened over the few years I've had this guitar, (so it's not scale length or anything like that).
The neck doesn't have much relief (it's pretty straight or might even be back-bowed), so could it be a truss thing?
Additionally I've noticed the bass side post is very slightly slanting towards the neck, could that or slightly unbalanced action (bass and treble sides) on the bridge be the problem?

Really hope someone can help, Thank you.
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The strings used to be much looser but i think have gradually tightened over the few years I've had this guitar,

You've had the same strings for 2 years?!?!
Strings naturally lose their flex over time, if you've had the same string for two years that would explain it!
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They're not tight, they're just completely knackered. They probably feel "tight" because they're caked in several years worth of rust, grease and dead skin cells.

Get new strings
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Hahahaha! I Didn't mean they were the same set of strings! I change them pretty often. I just meant that that the tension has gradually built up.
Can't believe you all drew that conclusion... sorry.
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could it need new springs? looser ones?

honestly if you are changing strings regularly and aren't able to play .009"s and two trem strings, maybe you should focus on gaining strength.

i use .11's in Estd, as well as a ton of people on here, some go to 12's and higher. yet again a few people use 8's.

you gotta do what works for you.

i would recommend strengthening your hand.
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