Hey guys,

Im looking for a free video editing program(or a paid program I could download) that I can use to edit "white noise" and other things out of my videos and can also add some cool effects into them. Im very new to editing but my recent cover video is plauged with a static noise from the wind since I recorded it outside. I cant post the video its so bad, so I've decided now is the time to learn. Any help you guys can offer me is going to be extrememly appreciated. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron and its running on Windows 7. Thanks in advance!
You'd be better off with an audio editing software for the background noise thing. There's quite a few free one's that work well, much better than any video editing software you'll find for free anyway. Just add the audio to the video in the editing process later on.

As for video editing software I just used Windows Movie Maker until I got Camtasia Studio and that worked fine for your average video edits. I guess it depends on what you'd like to do to the video though.
I just downloaded Audacity. If worst comes to worse ill do that. Is there no program that will let me edit out directly from the video? Im not exactly good with these things and im not sure if I have the proper connections to record with a microphone. Thats why I've been looking for video editing programs
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Audacity has a noise filter that works pretty well, you just have to make sure to record a few seconds of silence first so it can work out what is noise first.

Unfortunately this probably won't go over too well. Noise reduction not only depends on a static source (if the wind picks up you're screwed) and if there's too much noise reducing it will cause a phased quality to the sound. I'd go with the "record separately" idea, though.
Sort the audio out in Audacity, then use something else for the effects.

Nope. Reaper is free and 1000x better than Audacity.
If you want to record outside use something like this:
It will get rid of that nasty wind. I have heard that wrapping clothing around the microphone also helps, but I can't confirm it.

As for software, Windows Movie-maker will get you a long way.
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