Over the past few months, I've picked up somethings, and up until now, I haven't had time (or just haven't bothered) to make a thread. Anyways, I'm making one now for all of it!

First is up is an Ernie Ball VPJR and a Catalinbread DLS with the old graphics. Got the DLS during one of Cattybread's blem sales, but I can't seem to find any blemishes on it.

VPJR is nice. I picked it up because the Dunlop High Gain I'd been using for a few years decided it was going to crap out. The Ernie Ball is much smoother and the treadle has a lot more travel. It's also got a little switch in it to change from a linear sweep to a more logarithmic sweep. When I bought it, the pot was a little scratchy in with the toe up, but it seems to have fixed itself magically.

The DLS, I'm not too impressed with. I find it sounds kind of poopy and thin, even at 18V. 18V is an improvement, but not enough for my liking. It's a fun pedal, but not my thing. I do prefer it to the Distortron I have in some ways though.

Next is a Barber Silver LTD. I also picked this one up during a blem sale. It's got a couple of really subtle blemishes in the finish that you wouldn't be able to pick out if you weren't looking pretty closely for them.

I love this thing. It's a great low gain OD. I mostly use it to boost my WIIO, but by itself, it really adds some sparkle and grit to my cleans. Works really nicely with my AC15. Inside it's got some trimpots for presence and bass that I haven't played with yet, but I should; my rig has a tendency to get a little trebly.

I also picked up a Catalinbread RAH and V1 WIIO from mmolteratx. The strap and wallet came from Couch.

The RAH is fun and totally nails Zeppelin, however, it does not sound like WIIO to me. It's got some of the DLS's circuitry in it and it shows. It responds just like the DLS. Still, I like it at lower gain settings and it boosts my WIIOs well.

The V1 WIIO is amazing. I have a V2 as well, and the difference between the two is astounding. The V1 has a lot more output and gain, and is more natural sounding to me. However, it's a lot noisier. It works well as a standalone drive, stacked, at low and higher gain settings and as a boost. I love it, and I'm really torn between it and my V2. V2 ends up seeing more use because of noise though.

Picked up a Redwitch Pentavocal Tremolo from Vishnuroxout a few months ago as well.

It's a cool trem. Square and sine wave on a stomp switch and 5 different voicings. You can match it to any guitar/amp pretty nicely. It does a nice subtle pulse and crazy helicopter sounds. It's not as warm as my amps trem, but the speeds it can hit and the square wave options make up for it. Only complaint is that there's no way to tell if it's on square or sine without listening to it. I'm tempted to put a toggle in there instead of the stomp switch, or pick up a Catalinbread Tap Semaphore.

All the pedals need a power supply, so I grabbed an MXR/CAE MC403.

This thing powers everything, and it weighs a tonne. My PT-Pro went from being a awkward to haul around, to being a pain. Totally worth it though. Everything finally has nice clean power, and I don't have a bunch of adapters to plug in.

Finally, I also bought myself a nice new guitar. I love Teles, but I wanted something a little different, so I picked up a G&L ASAT Special.

I love this guitar. The pickups are G&L's MFD high-output pickups and they're absolutely wonderful. They keep a lot of the brightness that I love about Teles, but they bring in a little more warmth and balls. The neck is a dream too. I rarely have to do anything other than fine tuning, and the bridge is nice and comfy.

That's it! All this goes through a Vox AC15C1 and sounds like a dream. Here's the most recent pic I have of my whole board so you can see it all together.

WOW, real nice NGD, congratulations. How do you like that MXR power supply so far? I was thinking about that one myself, but I wont be needing it until I get a few more of the pedals I want.
It's a great power supply. All of the outputs are isolated, and the two variable voltage taps are really useful. I'm using one of them to power the Nova Delay right now, and when I get around to it, I'll use it to try out my Radial Hollywood Bones at 12V. The AC taps are nice too. The MC403's powering everything you see on my board. Definitely worth picking up if you're going to be powering a bunch of pedals.
I cant find any good demos of the RAH around...
But hot damn, that tele is just beautiful!
Just found the Since Ive Been Lovin you one. That sounds sweet! Just what I need. Thanks
the RAH is a great pedal, i'm loving mine.

and sweetass G&L, i have one of those on the way as well. i'm a big fan of their pups myself.
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might check out the RAH now. never heard of it before just now nice purchases though, especially that tele. yum! although I do feel like the bridge pickup looks a little weird haha