Hey everyone, this is my first post here and i need some help from fellow guitarists!

I found a great deal on a used LTD snakebyte however it has one flaw. There is a small hairline crack on the back of the neck, it looks as if it is in the finish. Is this a dealbreaker? Im looking at paying 300$ more for a new version of the same guitar. Do you think its worth it to buy the used or new one? Will the crack affect the tone, get bigger, or mess with the tuning? Thanks in advance everyone!


Theres a picture of the crack!
until i saw the pic i thought it would be way worse than that. It is purely cosmetic, and very small considering the reduction in price from a new model. Just check that that is the only flaw in the guitar, because otherwise that is a fair deal
Tough call. I would probably buy a new one, however it would probably be okay. My PRS makes a cracking sound and it plays the best out of the guitars I have. Will it be shipped to you? It would be nice if you could try it out and see for yourself with the tone etc.
Tried it out and inspected every little part of it. thats the only crack on the guitar. The 81/60s sound amazing and the tone is great.
that crack is probs a finishing flaw made in the factory when the guitar was painted, something that small wouldn't be player inflicted. So it's down to you, a new snakebyte might have a finish flaw somewhere else, but it will cost $300 more than this one, it depends on how much this flaw bothers you.
ive decided im getting it. One of the nicest guitars ive played and this crack dosent bother me much. Im gonna be playing this guitar 24/7 anyway so im sure itll have a little wear and tear eventually. Im gonna go pick it up now and maybe even use that extra money im saving to upgrade to a peavy valveking 112 amp. Thanks so much for your help!
good choice man, i've picked up 2 used guitars and wasn't disappointed. have fun with that LTD!
Where is the crack? Is it that tiny tiny tiny thing there by the heel?

Thats not a crack

This is a crack

Good thing your taking it, thats a good deal for a guitar with a purely cosmetic problem that is completely unoticable.
haha that really is a crack! i just bought the guitar and it is amazing!! i am in love with it and i really don't think its gonna leave my hands for the next few months. Such a awesome tone for 80's thrash! The clean tone is so smooth too!