So I liked the keys before they hit the big time so to speak. It seems as though they are bashing other bands that are where they are actually heading, if that makes sense. El Camino seems very Hip Hop to me and lacks the grit and raw aspect that made me like them. Just wondering what you guys think of the keys these days?

Also lately I have been listening to a lot of A Perfect Circle / Tool. What are some other bands similar to these?
Bands I like: (Newer ones anyway I mean obviously I like Zeppelin and CCR)
The White Stripes
The Smashing Pumpkins
Alice in Chains
The Raconteurs
A Perfect Circle
All That Remains
The Dead Weather
Any Reccomendations?
Soundgarden, Rival Sons, Spiral Beach
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Rival Sons, Black Stone Cherry.
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Honestly, and i expect major bashage but, i cannot stand the majority of Black Key fans.I own a couple CD's, i follow the band, but shitt goddamn if some of there fans are the most whiney asss little indie bitches. The Key's have some really cool people in their fanbase but i'm just saying once Brothers came out it attracted a whole new crowd of "Ya dude i just feel like life is like opinion and its personal and the system and corporations and people don't understand my music man. ya know" Those kind of ridiculous pseudo-intellectual, non perscription shade wearing, anti mainstream because its mainstream hipster kids.

I can't stand one more " OMG why are teh keys not teh mainstream". STFU i hear Tighten Up and Howlin' for you on the radio every time i tune in. After all this being said i love my Keys and i have major respect for the band. The new stuff ,meh its aight but its not really my thing. Personally when i Youtube them i never look at comments to avoid my over the top raging. lol long rant is long. Just listen to Rival Sons and the Sheep Dogs.
Exactly, as soon as I started seeing them on MTV with Rihanna and who ever the **** else they play songs by on there, I knew it was going down hill.