Hey all, this is my band's first recording. We're a UK band at college, called Liberty Trap.


We did it at college with our mate, it would be great to get some feedback on it.
C4C if you want some feedback as well!

If you want a laugh check out the backwards version.
Always waiting for that bit of inspiration.
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Thanks for the crit!

The intro feels a bit jarring initially, but it comes together pretty quickly and makes sense, if you know what I mean.

The melody is nice, at times the vocalist sounds a bit off to me, maybe it's just the tone of his voice sometimes, I dunno.

That little solo outro thing was interesting, not sure if it's a solo or not, but it was something different haha.

Overall I enjoyed it, feels like maybe the main vocals could use a little more passion or something just to spice it up a bit though.
Great guitar tone you got there very groovy xD Lead vocals are clear and crisp once again great tone of voice. The background ( female ) vocals was unexpected but brought light to the song but I wish she sang a little louder ( but maybe that's just me ) @ 1:04 My favorite part was the harmonics that sounded so dank and muffled but that humanizes it and adds dirt like a vintage recording.

Yeah that's a great part I stopped and went back to it a bunch of times so you caught my ear there. Very catchy indeed / funky / innocent / happy. Vocals remind me of incubus which is a major plus in my book. Your band will go far keep making music! The only thing that bothered me was the outro solo / lick was a little repetitive so I was advice to change it up a little bit. Other then that very solid writing.

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cool song dude. The guitar line is nice, and the harmonics at 1:07 were wicked. The guitar tone changing from that crisp tone into the muffled tone used in the chorus doesn't really work for me. I feel as though the guitar loses its impact in the part of the song where it should be its biggest. Vocals and bass are all solid, but i'm curious about your drums. Are they midi? The change up in the outro was sweet. I would've liked to hear it be a little shorter and switch back into the chorus, just to tie the song together.

nice song man, and cheers for the crit
Cheers guys, i critted back to you two.

Thanks alot for the feedback, I'll definitely take this on board. I agree about the jarring intro - it does have an alternate intro actually. Outtro was definitely too long now that we've listened back to it, but we werent sure what to put over it. I think we would have liked the drums to be a bit more powerful (they arent midi :P ).

Yeah good point, the chorus guitar wasnt supposed to be so muffled, the idea was to get a slightly more distorted sound of the verse guitar and double track it.

The vocals are off too, mainly the second verse but we ran out of time - we wanted to finish the record before easter hols.

If we re-record, i'd definitely take this advice on board. And also carry it to our next recording time anyway!
Oh and the backing vocals are a guy's! His voice is naturally high haha.
Thanks again!
Always waiting for that bit of inspiration.
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Hey man. I like the unusual style! I'm not used to this but I find it very pleasant.
Structure is great, singing is great. And i think the title mind games fits the song perfectly!

The guitar solo that starts at 2:20 is very awesome! I think however the bass should be a little adjusted there i.e not playing the same note all the time.

All in all, great! thank you for introducing me to this genre!

Tell the guy whos doing the backing vocals that it's cool. I've been listening to some Luc Arbogast who has a really good falsetto voice :p


Sounded cool and new, I liked it. Just need to get better production values/recording gear could tell you didn't use the best mics around :P
Real cool intro. The vocals are good, but i'm kind of not feeling the harmony vocals. Maybe it's just the tone. I feel the two voices just don't mix well. Instrumentally, this is great and very upbeat. Lyrics are simple and nice. The lead at the end of the song heavily reminds me of The Fall Of Troy. I really liked that. Cool when the other instruments dropped out and just had the lead for that small bit. Awesome song. I liked it.

Everything nice and spanky clean in the intro, Very radio friendly (in a good way).

Thing's do start to break down a bit once the guitar tone changes and harmonies come in (the chorus I think). The harmonies don't sound great and the muddier guitar tone sounds a bit shite. And there is definitely some clipping going on the solo part around 1:05.

Things come together again once it goes into the bit that sounds more like the intro, this seems to be a sound that you've really nailed down. The chorus comparatively sounds far too messy.

I appreciate what you're trying to do with the ending and it kinda works, but I'd honestly say that the bass isn't quite audible enough to try and have two different parts going on at the same time, it just makes it sound messy as you're not really sure what's going on.

The song writing itself is without fault, I like it as a song. The recording however does need a little bit of work. Mainly in getting the things to cut that need to cut and the guitar and bass to sit well with each other.

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Very nice! I'm glad I clicked on this one. Solid production. I love the heavy compression on the guitar when the harmonics hit but it sort of gets overdone on the drums at the end. I've downloaded it and put it on my iPhone which is saying a lot. I don't carry a lot of music around with me! I've listened to it once through and I'm going through on my second right now. I feel like the ending doesn't really work. I see what you were trying to do but it sort of kills the groove. Well done, I love it.

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What i first noticed was the vocals. Great singing throughout. Im not the biggest fan of the quirky funk guitar , but you guys pulled it off nicely. It reminded me of a stripped down incubus with a little more funk thrown in. I would've liked to hear a distortion guitar bridge or chorus, because it kind of sounds like your building into something big, but it just stays the same. However, thats more personal preference. All in all a good song, but I feel it would be a greater song if you added that pay off chorus or bridge part.