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So I’ve been looking into these squire vintage bass’s for a while and combined with positive feedback they get on here and being lucky enough to try a few models beforehand, I decided to go with the jaguar based on the fact I already have a fender jazz and couldn’t justify having a bass with just a P sound. The Jazz and P combination was what attracted me to this model as well as the price it was available at the time. Strangely enough I played a Christmas gig with 3 other bands last year and all of the, were using the vintage squire jazz models so I got first-hand experience of seeing them played live in a practical environment.
I play in an indie/alt rock band primarily, but also do some paid cover work (when we can get it) so the main motivation for buying this bass was versatility. It isn’t intended to replace any of my other bass’s but instead to offer a different sound that maybe more suitable for the type of song I’m playing etc.
Purchased as “B stock” from Kenny’s music in Scotland via eBay. The price of the bass was £199 which is nearly a third cheaper than the usual retail value. The bass is absolutely pristine with no marks, blemishes or damage to it at all. There was a few finger marks on the body and fingerboard that came off with some cleaning.

General Info (Totally stolen from gak.co.uk)

• Body: Agathis
• Finger Board Radius: 9.5" Radius (241 mm)
• Scale Length: 34" (863.6 mm)
• Nut Width: 1.50" (38 mm)
• Tuning Keys: Standard Open-Gear Tuners
• Bridge: Standard 4-Saddle
• Controls: Stacked Concentric Controls
• Volume 1. (Neck Pickup)
• Tone 1. (Neck Pickup)
• Volume 2. (Bridge Pickup)
• Tone 2. (Bridge Pickup)
• Strings: Super 7250M, NPS (.045-.105 Gauges)
• Rosewood fingerboard on a maple neck.
• Unique Features:
• White Pearloid Block Position Inlays
• Duncan Designed™ Pickups

First Impressions

The bass felt very light initially, but after playing for 10 minutes stood up if felt very well balanced and comfortable. The neck is 38.1 mil wide from the nut, which is identical to my Marcus Miller signature and personally very comfortable for me. The overall look is very nice with the matching headstock and tortoise pick-guard really showing it off. The bass is very well made and the intonation was spot on. The action is a little low initially but once I have a spare hour today I’ll change it to suit me personally.

Pickup configuration

The bass comes loaded with a split coil P neck and hot jazz bridge pickups which are controlled via the two stacked knobs. The top one (The chrome part) is a volume control for each and the black one controls the tone. The tone knobs have clickable positions that you dial in, which give some great sounds but I would have preferred to be able to set the values for each myself. The neck pickups are really good with a nice traditional thick, booming sound to them. I’m personally more of a jazz guy overall but I really am enjoying a bit more of a thump to my sound. The Jazz pickup is good but a little lacking as it tends to be missing the growl of other Jazz’s I’ve played. I am resisting to just rate the Jag against the miller signature as I feel the models are made for two different purposes.
The versatility that comes from this instrument is scary. It has a wide range of sounds available which can be useful in different circumstances musically and the pickup combinations give some awesome sounds. I tend to play finger style 90% of the time but found some awesome sounds playing with a pick also. I’m not a great slap player so couldn’t give a truly accurate opinion of how useful for that it would be…for me personally it was fine.
I basically have tried the pickup configuration as the follows (all played finger style, picked and slap) with the E.Q on my amp flat.
Full neck volume, no tone, no bridge pickup at all – This gave a warm, smooth traditional electric bass sound.
Full neck volume, full neck tone, no bridge at all – Traditional P sound with plenty of clank.
Full Jazz volume, no tone, no neck at all – Quieter and less growl than a traditional jazz pickup.
Full Jazz volume, full tone, no neck at all – More warmth and a better balance to the sound. Still somewhat quiet.
All four controls at full. – Thick but with a nice growl. Gives more of a “donk” sound if that makes sense.
Both volumes at full, edge off the neck, Jazz at full – This was the setup that suited me. Plenty of low end but just enough off to let the growl come through. Very nice for finger style and gave a packed a real punch with a pick.


Really can’t recommend this bass enough for anyone who’s looking for a cheap, gig-worthy bass with plenty of sound a tone variety. These vintage squires are so well made and for the money take some beating. The tonal options, look, construction and feel are all big selling points for the jaguar and even at full retail value I would recommend them to just about anyone. There are no real negatives that I could immediately see; however I would say that the jazz pickup is a little weak for my taste. Once dialled in with the front though you can get some seriously good sounds overall, although if it was just a jazz sound you was after I’d suggest looking at the vintage squire jazz as well. Very, very happy overall with the jag and looking forward to gigging with it next month.
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I started to read.....saw how long it was......skipped to the pics. Looks cool though. Happy nbd
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nice addition to your bass family. I actually read the whole thing and it sounds great. If only I didn't hate the jag body style haha. HNBD!
tl;dr. nice bass though! I'm looking to get one with similar p/j pickup setup, hopefully on a jazz or p bass body though.
i read it.

nice overview. congrats, and enjoy it!
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sorry for the massive overview. I just wanted to make a review that people in a similar situation could refer to...I was super skeptical about the hype that the vintage range gets but IMO it rightly deserves it.
You gonna bark all day little doggie?
I started to read.....saw how long it was......skipped to the pics. Looks cool though. Happy nbd

this soooo much.

Looks pretty sweet!
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sorry for the massive overview. I just wanted to make a review that people in a similar situation could refer to...I was super skeptical about the hype that the vintage range gets but IMO it rightly deserves it.

I read most of it It might not be everyone's cup of tea to read it, but great for forum searches to find and see a review.

Very cool new bass, I got the Vintage jazz recently in a trade and I too was amazed at the quality. Though I am now seeking out a short scale P bass instead...
That's a sweet looking bass! That's a well written overview!

Happy New Bass Day
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