I am trying to do an acoustic track using a Large diaphragm condenser on the 12fret a pencil condenser on the body of the guitar and and a large diaphragm up at like a little below eye level for singing, o and my guitar is plugged in as well. I am just curious to see how loud you would turn the mics and the guitar if you were attempting this.
My chain is my acoustic guitar, my Blue Bluebird, my Sterling audio sp30 then my sterling audio sp50.
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Maybe I'm doing it wrong - but I set the mic gain to the level it needs given the individual mic (so it hits 0db at the loudest playing volume)...?
Then I mix the using the volumes until it sounds right. Mixing with the gain is pretty ropey.
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Loud enough to get a decent signal level without clipping. There are no universal settings
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So it doesn't peak at 0dB, if you hit that you will get a popping sound that you won't get rid of by turning the track down, it was recorded like that so that's what you'll be stuck with.
I tend to turn the gain up so the bar goes a little bit into the yellow, not too much, just a little so you'll be well out of range of audio clipping.