I want to get into recording on my laptop and have been looking at guitar interfaces, can anybody tell me the difference between the line 6 pod studio uxt 1and uxt 2?? There is quite a difference in price so what's the significant difference in spec?? Or indeed any other similar things I should look at??
Google told me that the main difference is that you can use the ux1 with only one guitar and ux2 with 2 guitars at same time...there is no difference in sound or something
Yes I have been reading up, but all the jargon goes way over my understanding so was hoping someone can explain in dummies terms. Any other interfaces I should look at?? Preferably something with some recording software bundled in as I can't afford that as well
also guys, i have a boss GT-10. is there a way i can connect this, as in use the effects i have made with my Gt 10 and use them for recording??