That's pretty cool; great synth tone. I find it hard to get into stuff that is just synth instrumentation; are there any other elements to be added? What sort of gear and software are you using?

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Thanks for the crit!

This definitely isn't my style of music, but anyway.

The synth sounds like it's buzzing too much to me, like the treble on it is crazy high or something.

Is there more to be added? Because this might fit in as an intro to something, or a break in a song, something like that.

Not sure whether I'd be too keen on hearing that kind of thing for a sustained period of time though.
Niceee. I would work on the fatness of the bass in my opinion. You should look into data lifes bass fatner to get a great fat full synth sound. The lead worked well but I would introduce other elements and you should side chain the drums duck the bass to make room cause it wasn't in my face and I think this genre deserves in your face drums

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