So I'm trying to make a rock electronica hybrid that I like because i think it could be pretty different. I made this will live guitars and vocals (the solo is harmonised guitar and synth).


I was wondering whether you like this kind of music; would you pay money for this kind of music? (it's ok if you say no!). would you ever play it if it was on you iPod? And if not, do you think anyone would be receptive to it, and if so where can I find them?

Or alternatively, any criticism of the mix and overall quality would be appreciated. I'm going to posting in a few other threads while I watch this one.

Ever wonder what rock would have sounded like in 2010 if grunge hadn't made it cool to be stupid?

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Its good, but i wouldn't pay for it... that being said, i wouldn't pay for any type of music.

I'm not a big fan of the tone of the lead synth parts, mostly because of the vibrato

when the guitar harmonizes with it it makes the guitar sound out of tune
Thanks for the review! Now listening to your tune. I like the intro. This song sounds quite 80's, which is fine by me! Most of the playing is good; a few parts could be a little tighter. I never do illegal downloads, though I'm super picky what I pay money for; so I can't say I'd pay money for it, but if it came on the radio I would probably continue to listen. The song is quite good, though it could use a bit of polish here & there. Rock on!
Thanks for the crit!

I'm not digging that dodgy synth sound, just sounds awkward to me, I can see the direction you were trying to take with the song though, some parts of it I like, some parts not so much.

One of the things I'm not really digging is the vocals, the spoken parts are alright, but it sounds like someone who can't really speak english is trying to sing in english.
Doesn't work for me.

Overall, I wouldn't pay for it but then again I don't pay for anything besides my favourite artists really. :/
So take that with a grain of salt.

The outro melody that is sung is nice, with a bit of work and maybe a different vocalist you could get something out of it.