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This is more of a generality but I was wondering what people tend to mix first for a song. I know this is a bit broad and I know that 2 music genres won't be treated in the same manner but how do you guys go about mixing. Do you tend to mix drums first and save guitar/lead for last or vice versa. I'm more so just looking for people's preference and opinion on this one.
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For me it depends on what is the focal point of a track. If it's a guitar-oriented instrumental track, I'll do rhythm guitars, then leads, then drums, then bass, then strings/synths etc. But if it's a really heavy track that's more drum and vocal focused, I'll do drums, then guitar, then bass, then vocals, then strings/synths etc.
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Typically, my work flow works like this: Kick, Snare, Bass Guitar, Toms, Cymbals, Guitars, Vox
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i typically go from rhythm to lead, but which instrument is which depends on the song. i dont do much mixing of drums (horay for AD presets!), but any changes i want there typically come first. then either bass or rhythm guitar, whichever is going to be more focused on just staying back and not doing to much. then other rhythm instruments, then on to lead.

but the whole thing isnt like a straightforward process, you dont just mix the guitars to the drums and bass without tweaking the previously done stuff. and for me, just because i havent put in or finished putting a part in yet, doesnt mean i dont know where it should sort of be going. its like having an overall vision for the mix before you start, so each part is already sort of mixed in your head, if that makes sense.
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For me it depends on what is the focal point of a track.


Always start with the focal point of the song. Why start with the kick drum or snare if the vocal is the main aspect of the song? If you don't start with the focal point, you'll build everything else up and have to find a spot for the featured element.

For example, you're mixing a song where the vocal is the main focal part. If you start with the kick, snare, bass, guitars, cymbals, and synths/strings, you'll have the find a spot for the vocals, and there will be less "room" in the mix for them towards the end. Everything else will have taken up too much "room" in the mix. If you start with the vocal, you get your vocal sound how you want it to sit and build around it so that everything else complements it.

Of course, there is no truly proper way to mix. Find a way that works for you. Some people can mix very well doing kick, snare, bass, etc. IMO, you should always start with the focal point.
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