I haven't written anything in a while (rather, I haven't posted anything here in a while). Hopefully some of the people who liked my stuff before will see this because I hate it but have gotten some good responses back. Just not sure if I should toss it or keep it. Any crit is appreciated, c4c

I never understood the use of human fingernails.
Aside from pointless uses like spinning loose screws,
peeling an orange, or being used as a stress reliever
by an anxious kid,
they get dirty too easily, they break too often,
and for those anxious kids, they grow too quickly.

I've dreamed of tearing these
vestigial extremeties off and
letting my cuticles callous.
The soft skin underneath these
hard, horn-like covers
increases my chances of an attempt
to amputate these appendages.

As I'm sitting in my room,
sweating off my saline solution,
I'm holding a pair of pliers
and a plastic baggie.
My iPod's on shuffle and
staring back at myself from the mirror.
As the sweat forms droplets
along my brow, I start to breathe deeper.
I put the pliers to my phalanges
and pull.

At that instance,
I thought about what I was leaving behind.
They're the one thing that have
never left me.
If we parted ways for a moment,
they've consistently come back.

And for being an anxious kid
who relies on these nails,
I realized how much I was giving away.
So I nailed that nail back into my bleeding finger,
and swallowed down my pain as I cried out,
and for a fleeting moment, I knew love.
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