Hey everyone, I have what I think is an '86 Ibanez Pro-Line guitar that's having a problem with the pickup sound. When I play higher up the neck, the notes come out muted, like the pickup won't pick up the note at a higher pitch. Does anyone know why this is?
If you can't fix it, I'd gladly buy it off you. I've wanted one of those old Ibanezszszs for years.
Are you sure it's not fret buzz? Try playing the notes on the very last fret (24th or 22nd).
I couldn't sell it, I picked it up for $25 and its all beat to hell but almost all of it is there
I'll post a video and give it that fret test as well in a little bit.
I figured it out, I forgot when I re soldered the jack i had to tape the wire to stop them from touching because i was out of electrical tape. I feel so dumb for forgetting that.